Logistics networks designed to grow and adapt

Flexe delivers technology-powered, omnichannel logistics programs. The world’s largest retailers and brands use Flexe to move fast—at scale—and with precision.

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Our Approach

Run both fixed and flexible logistics

  • Networks and technology, not assets and leases

    Solve problems faster and more effectively with a technology-powered logistics approach, run on one of the largest open, flexible logistics networks.

  • Transactionally priced and enterprise-grade

    Avoid investing in fixed assets and long-term leases. Implement a technology-powered logistics approach that runs on one of the largest open, flexible logistics networks.

  • Omnichannel logistics programs, powered by technology

    Quickly scale and optimize logistics networks without expensive software purchases and long integrations.

The intersection of logistics and technology

Flexe Logistics Programs expedite network expansion and growth through a flexible, asset-light approach. No upfront costs or term agreements, just better omnichannel operations and a smarter use of capital.

  • Flexe Distribution
  • Flexe Capacity
  • Flexe Fulfillment
  • Flexe Same-Day Delivery
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World-class logistics providers in every major market

The Flexe Logistics Network is one of the largest networks of distribution and fulfillment locations across North America. Don’t just “add another facility”, access an open network through a single integration, with a single contract, finance and performance agreement.

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Dynamic, omnichannel logistics starts here

A sophisticated technology platform to run same-day delivery, eCommerce fulfillment, and B2B distribution programs. No software purchases or lengthy integrations.

  • Single integration to scale quickly
  • Standardized operations across providers
  • Centralized management of operations, billing, and analytics
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Enterprise-grade logistics and a single contact

Unify implementation and onboarding, day-to-day management, and optimization through a single, dedicated team of experts.

  • Full implementation team
  • Day-to-day operations management
  • Ongoing program optimization
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