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An 'Outside In' View of Your Supply Chain


By Steve Banker

Press release

FLEXE Announces New Premier Partner Program

Press release

LLamasoft Offers Customers Access to FLEXE Marketplace for On-Demand Warehousing Services


By Dan Branley

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Going direct: Manufacturers set their sights on direct-to-consumer delivery

CSCMP Supply Chain Quarterly

By Susan Lacefield

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Stocked Up: 150+ Companies Attacking The Supply Chain & Logistics Space

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On-Demand Storage Offers Seasonal Space Relief

Memphis Daily News

By Patrick Lantrip

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Shipping, Trucking Companies Adapt to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Tiffany Hsu

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Lack of space forces Amazon to expand Prime-eligibility

Supply Chain Dive

By Jennifer McKevitt

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Logistics Startup: FLEXE and Pop-up Warehousing


By John Mabe

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Tech StartUps that will Transform Warehousing

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Why you should grab a piece of the sharing economy


By Bruno Despujol and Marc Boilard

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A startup brings the sharing economy to warehouses

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Bright Idea: Space Exploration with Flexe, Inc.

Seattle Business

By Leslie Helm

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Why No Business Can Ignore the Rise of the Sharing Economy


By Bruno Despujol

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Supply Chain News: Airbnb for the Warehouse Market Raises Big Money

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FLEXE raises $14.5M for on-demand warehousing marketplace


By Taylor Soper

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