Scale eCommerce fulfillment networks. Flexibly.

Offer competitive delivery promises and reduce last-mile delivery costs year-round, during peak seasons, or for specific SKUs. Add fulfillment centers fast without the risk of traditional, fixed solutions.

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Flexe Fulfillment


of consumers say they search elsewhere for faster shipping options

Flexe Omnichannel Retail Survey, 2022


of consumers skip repeat purchases due to late deliveries

Flexe Omnichannel Retail Report, 2022

Why Flexe

Flexibility is at the core of omnichannel logistics

  • New fulfillment locations in weeks, not months

    Rapidly expand fulfillment networks to get ahead of increasing consumer expectations. Eliminate the need for multiple integrations across providers and locations.

  • Fast, affordable delivery for superior promises

    Position inventory closer to end customers to reduce last-mile delivery times and costs. Offer superior promises, increase sales, and delight customers.

  • The tightest markets are made available

    Add fulfillment centers where they are needed. 1,500+ locations in the Flexe Logistics Network creates optionality—even the most popular regions.

  • Transactionally priced and infinitely flexible

    Enter new markets and improve delivery promises—all without CapEx investments, fixed costs, or long-term 3PL commitments.

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DeFili & Flexe: Fast Solutions for eCommerce Fulfillment

Standing up high-volume fulfillment operations for one of the nation's largest retailers in just three weeks.

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DeFili Solutions worked with Flexe to stand up fulfillment operations for one of the nation’s largest retailers in just three weeks.

The world’s largest logistics network

Avoid multiple negotiations and system integrations. Tap into the largest network of warehousing and transportation providers—all connected by the same logistics platform.

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Decades of enterprise logistics experience and a single point of contact

Industrial engineering, implementation, onboarding, labor planning, day-to-day management, and ongoing optimization through a single point of contact.

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Ready to future-proof your supply chain?