Distribute goods on time.

Avoid stock outs and lost sales. Deploy inventory closer to retail locations and partner intake centers to replenish goods faster and be more efficient.

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Flexe Distribution

Why Flexe

Rapid replenishment to maximize revenue

  • Avoid stock outs and boost sales

    Replenish faster to keep goods in stock, and sales high. Lower logistics costs with efficient distribution.

  • Reduce transportation and storage costs

    Place distribution centers close to retailer intake centers to decrease transportation and warehousing costs. There are more than 1,500 options in the Flexe Logistics Network.

  • Simple processes and powerful technology

    Centralize key workflows for managing inventory, shipments, and billing, across every operator in the network. Get ahead of delivery deadlines and maintain OTIF requirements.

  • Transactional pricing without startup costs

    Eliminate upfront costs and pay only for the resources that are utilized across each location.

Global Coffee Company Tackles Peak-Season Challenges with Flexe Logistics Programs

In just two weeks, a Flexe warehouse provider started handling 5,000 retail distribution orders per day for one of the world’s largest coffee retailers.

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One of the world’s largest coffee retailers implemented the Flexe Rapid Replenishment Program to solve peak-season challenges.

The world’s largest logistics network

Avoid multiple negotiations and system integrations. Tap into the largest network of warehousing and transportation providers—all connected by the same logistics platform.

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Execute, manage, and optimize logistics programs

A single platform unifies warehouse management, inventory management, order management, analytics, and more for full network visibility.

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Decades of enterprise logistics experience and a single point of contact

Industrial engineering, Implementation, onboarding, labor planning, day-to-day management, and ongoing optimization through a single point of contact.

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Ready to future-proof your supply chain?