Four New Challenges in Four Years

4 years 4 challenges

In this #meetFlexe profile, Jael Yamamoto, Manager for Flexe’s Deal Desk, highlights the career development opportunities Flexe provides.

Key Takeaways

  • Jael is a tenured employee who began on our Network Development team before transitioning to the Revenue Operations team.
  • Her passion for cross-functional collaboration made her the natural fit for the new Deal Desk function.
  • Regardless of how much business she helps to manage, she never feels like she has to compromise time with her family for work.

Tell us about yourself. What’s your role at Flexe? #

I’ve worked at Flexe for more than four years, and during that time, I’ve worn a few different hats. I was part of our Network Development team for three years before transitioning to the Revenue Operations team where I am now a Deal Desk Manager.

In my current role, I have visibility into each new opportunity that Flexe services. I’m responsible for streamlining the sales process and implementing programs to improve accuracy, SLAs, and data completeness. I find a lot of joy in building internal processes that enable smooth “go-live” dates for our customers and warehouse partners.

I’m from Renton, WA (where I still live!), I’m half Japanese and half Filipino, and I’m the second oldest of four sisters. I received a bachelor’s degree in Communication and American Ethnic Studies from the University of Washington.

Why did you choose to work at Flexe? #

Flexe is such a unique and dynamic company. When I first heard about Flexe, I was ready for a change in my career path. I’ve always enjoyed being part of small teams that have a big impact on the entire organization, and I found that at Flexe. I’ve had the opportunity to grow my skills across various teams and roles that always prove to be an asset for the next thing I do here. I’ve now worked with just about every single team and have met incredibly smart and passionate people along the way.

Overall, I’m aligned with Flexe’s mission and value how the organization cares about its employees' well-being. I’m psyched to be a part of a company that is disrupting the entire logistics industry and is creating something completely new and relevant.

I’m psyched to be a part of a company that is disrupting the entire logistics industry and is creating something completely new and relevant.
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Bruno Mars concert with my sisters

What makes being on your team at Flexe great? #

There’s so much opportunity to grow! I started off in Rev Ops as a founding member of the Billing Operations team and now I’m the founding member of the Deal Desk. The Rev Ops team mainly supports the sales organization, but we also work with all of the other teams at Flexe, which makes me feel like I’m on one of the most cross-functional teams here.

I also have a fearless leader, Katie Lobkovich, who continues to guide me and give me invaluable advice when implementing new processes across the sales organization.

How do you make time for your family and loved ones? #

I am a true planner and I like to get events into my calendar as soon as I hear about them. Throughout my entire tenure at Flexe, I’ve never felt like I’ve had to choose between work and being there for my family. At Flexe, we encourage each other to make our own priorities and our colleagues trust us to schedule accordingly.

What is one unexpected place you’ve found inspiration? #

I find a lot of inspiration when I travel. One example that springs to mind is my visit to Japan. It was very eye-opening to visit a place with different values and I was surprised by how closely I related to a place I had never been before.

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My nephew, Elliot
Throughout my entire tenure at Flexe, I’ve never felt like I’ve had to choose between work and being there for my family.

What would people be surprised to learn about you? #

My name, Jael, means “mountain goat” in Hebrew. My mom saw the name Jael on a name tag of this woman at the bank and thought it sounded cool — that’s how I got my name! My mom named all of her daughters with gender-neutral names so we would be equally considered for jobs.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of work? #

My hobbies outside of work mostly include being with friends and family. I go to CrossFit and yoga on a weekly basis. I like to pack my DVR with reality TV that most people would frown upon. Elliot, my nephew is also the light of my life. I try to see him as much as I can because he is growing up so fast! My newest and most forced hobby is attempting to maintain my massive yard at home. Mostly this involves me asking my husband when he will do more gardening. He’s working on it every week, but wow, grass grows fast.

What organizations are important to you and why? #

The Seattle Chapter of the OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates is an organization near and dear to my heart. I served on the board for more than five years right after college. It is a pan-Asian movement to help advance the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Americans in the United States. I’ve learned a lot from local, influential advocates who’ve had a direct impact on my life and I would like to continue to carry on their activism.

If you had your own personal warehouse and could fill it with any one thing, what would it be? #

I would fill my warehouse with various Voluspa candles. I’m obsessed with candles!

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