Disrupt an Industry Without Disrupting Family Time

Disrupt an industry

In this #meetFlexe interview, Mitch Leibowitz, Sr. Director of Business Development, weighs in on the need for programmatic logistics and how he stays balanced in a remote environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Mitch saw how companies needed a new approach to building logistics networks, so he joined Flexe.
  • His team’s diverse set of experience enables a best-in-class, growing business development team.
  • Since working at Flexe, he hasn’t had to compromise his time “at home.”

What do you do at Flexe? #

I am a Senior Director of Business Development based in New York City.

I interact with countless supply chain professionals who experienced the same challenge: finding quick, easy access to available capacity, fulfillment, and distribution resources. I joined Flexe because I thought programmatic logistics was the best solution to these problems and I saw that the company was uniquely positioned to support both high-growth eCommerce companies and the world’s largest enterprises.

What excites you most about the logistics industry? #

Opportunity. There’s a ton of capital being invested into the industry (and for good reason). All the top companies and brands today want to have “best-in-class” supply chains, and logistics professionals now have a seat in the C-suite.

What do you love most about your team? #

Most of us on the Business Development team have a supply chain background spanning different areas of expertise, including third-party logistics, freight forwarding, contract warehousing solutions, small parcel technologies, and supply chain design. The diversity of experience is great. Our team’s breadth of industry expertise, combined with innovative tech leadership, creates something really powerful.

The diversity of experience is great. When you combine our team’s breadth of expertise with innovative tech thinkers in other roles across the organization, it creates something really powerful.
Ml content image1
Giving my full 90 at Lumen Field in Seattle. Go Sounders!

Whose work style do you admire and try to emulate? #

I grew up a big Yankees fan and have always admired how Derek Jeter went about his business. He was a true professional on and off the field and always kept the same, consistent demeanor in his approach.

How do you make time for your family and loved ones? #

Flexe does a great job of creating a culture that embraces the person as much as the professional. We work remotely, so balance is a unique challenge every day, but one I welcome.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of work? #

Watching and playing sports — anything from slow-pitch beer league softball to golf, to boxing (sorry, Mom!)

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In the ring at my first amateur boxing match. I still train 3–4 times a week, but I’m most likely retired from competition.
Flexe does a great job of creating a culture that embraces the person as much as the professional.

What fictional character would you be and why? #

Batman. Because how cool would it be to say, “Hey, I’m Batman.”

If you had your own personal warehouse and could fill it with any one thing, what would it be? #

Couches. There’s nothing better than closing out the week and spending a full Sunday on the couch.

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